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About Us

Hello and a warm welcome to Isla in the Skye , My name is Melanie and myself and my 1 year old little CEO Isla Louise are the founders and creative duo behind Isla in the Skye. Why the name you ask? Apart from being named after my daughter who we have been blessed with , who brings a shine on life as beautiful as a rainbow and her aura is magical. Isla's sheer presence is my motivation. Being a stay at home mum and on maternity leave Isla in the Skye was born through a difficult personal time in my life , having just lost my mother to cancer in February of 2019. 

During this difficult time i discovered this creative space that allowed me to grieve while giving me a sense of hope while healing. Making rainbows is not only therapeutic but has taught me that during life's challenges if we just take a step back and imagine to see through the eyes of a child the world we see is in a new light ! brighter and full of hopes and dreams. There is nothing more healing and my daughter to me is my rainbow .

Our rainbows are inspired by life and the wonderful world we live in . We hope that you enjoy adding some magic in your nursery's , Kids rooms and homes. Each rainbow is lovingly made by hand with a high attention to detail using eco friendly recycled and organic fibres that are also good to our planet.

We know your little darlings will enjoy their rainbows as much as we enjoyed making them.

Lots of Love & Magic

remember life is a blessing

 Isla & Melanie