We at Isla in the Skye also offer custom rainbow options. If you don't see a rainbow suited to your colour pallet we are able to work with you to provide a perfect rainbow suited to your space.

Custom Rainbows in 3 Easy Steps 

1: Colour Selecting 

We will work with you to provide you with a visual selection available to select from.


2: Colour Placement

Once colours are confirmed we will ask you for a colour order , colours order work from 

inner ( Smallest Row ) 


 Outer row ( largest Row ) 

* Amount of rows depends on rainbow size *

3: Confirmation 

Once confirmed we will provide you with a photo during the wrapping stage. This is so you can visually see how your rainbow will look, allowing you to correct any changes . We enjoy working with you to provide a rainbow you will be happy with and once confirmed we will begin sewing your rainbow.

Once confirmed sewing will begin please note change of mind after this point can't be excepted.